ship-nix public roadmap

6 TOPShippedFinish basic docsMediumHighMDetails
6 TOPIdeaDevelop open source tierMediumHighMDetails
7 HIGHIdeaTime-out buildsLowMediumSDetails
7 HIGHIdeaAuto generate README for startersLowMediumSDetails
7 HIGHIdeaExtra password protection on environment variablesLowMediumSDetails
7 HIGHIdea"Back to server" button on build eventLowLowXSDetails
7 HIGHIdeaDocumentation on how to make a staging environmentLowMediumSDetails
7 HIGHIdeaMake features section on landing pageLowLowXSDetails
7 HIGHIdeaMake into a binary cache for productionLowLowXSDetails
7 HIGHIdeaSet titles in viewsLowLowXSDetails
7 HIGHIdeaDevelop paid tierMediumHighLDetails
7 HIGHIdeaReplace favicons with traffic lights to indicate status of build eventsLowLowXSDetails
8 MEDIUMIdeaImplement webauthn so users can have 2FA with OTP or hardware keyMediumMediumLDetails
8 MEDIUMIdeaOptimize loading of "New Server" viewLowLowSDetails
8 MEDIUMIdeaGet a logoLowLowLDetails
8 MEDIUMIdeaOption to add emoji or logo to each serverLowLowSDetails
8 MEDIUMIdeaPure postgres starterLowLowSDetails
9 LOWIdeaBuild queuesLowMediumLDetails
9 LOWIdeaHave a second starter in addition to IHPLowMediumLDetails
10 VERY LOWIdeaDark modeLowLowLDetails
10 VERY LOWIdeaVanilla PHP starterLowLowLDetails
10 VERY LOWIdeae2e tests on every starter, for example with Cypress and Nix testing frameworkLowLowLDetails
10 VERY LOWIdeaFreelance hosting dashboard/tierLowMediumXLDetails
10 VERY LOWIdeaPlausible Analytics starterLowLowLDetails
10 VERY LOWIdeaWordPress composer starterLowLowLDetails
11 VERY LOWIdeaReplace micromodal with custom elementLowLowXLDetails